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Pastor's Corner: Go forward

We Christians realize that the devil is a liar and a deceiver. He plays with our minds and tells us that there is no hope for what we are facing. It’s not always an easy road for us, but there is victory for us if we follow the Lord. In Exodus 14:15 as the children of Israel were at the Red Sea and the Egyptians were closing in on them, God told Moses to go forward.

Get your eyes on the Lord. Exodus 14:10 shows that the Israelites lifted up their eyes and saw the Egyptians closing in, and fear gripped their lives. The Bible says they were very afraid. That can happen when we walk by sight and not by faith. Satan will present the problem before us and magnify it with fear.

Unbelief told the people that they had it better in Egypt and now they would die in the wilderness. God tells you and I to go forward by fighting the good fight of faith. Never forget that the devil is a liar and he will magnify your problem with fear. Go forward in faith and be strengthened by the power of God’s might.

God is mighty in the battle. Psalm 24 says, ”The Lord is strong and mighty, the Lord is mighty in battle.” When it seems that you are surrounded on every side by a spiritual Red Sea, go forward, God will make a way through that Red Sea. Isaiah 43:3 says, ”When you pass through the waters I will be with you, and through the rivers they shall not overflow you.”

God has never lost a battle, and as He defeated the Egyptian army by drowning them in the Red Sea, God will fight your battle. There’s been times I have tried to fight my battle and I lost, and then I remember to turn it over to God because He has never lost a fight. There’s a song that says “I’m fighting a battle that’s already been won.” Go forward and trust the Lord because He has overcome the world. No matter what Red Sea you face in life, go forward! The very sea that Israel feared became the means of their deliverance from Egypt. God works all things together for the good of them that love Him. Go forward!


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