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Richland Chevrolet dealer wins award

Last week, Chevrolet executives from Detroit, including Zone Manager Michael Stinner, arrived at Richland Chevrolet in Shafter to present dealer Jeff Millwee with a plaque commemorating 25 years of service as a Chevrolet dealer here.

This milestone was celebrated with great pride and recognition of the dealership's unwavering dedication to its customers and the Chevrolet brand. The event culminated in a special photo session, capturing a feature on Millwee in the trade publication AutoNews, highlighting his achievements and contributions to the automotive industry and his local community.

Millwee said that he was so proud to accept the award and thanked his team and family for all of their support over the years. "I love this town, grew up here, and would never want to be anywhere else."

Millwee took over the business after the passing of his father, Robert. Millwee had actually had aimed to become a CPA, but after working with his father at the dealership, and his father's passing, Jeff made the commitment to run the dealership.

Since its establishment in 1947 by Ray Duerksen, Richland Chevrolet has been an integral part of the Shafter community. The dealership's rich history took a turn when Duerksen handed over the reins to his son-in-law, Robert Millwee, who assumed leadership and guided the dealership until his passing in 1998.

Jeff Millwee stepped up to the challenge, continuing the family tradition of excellence. Under Millwee's leadership, the dealership has continued on, repeatedly earning a reputation for customer service excellence within the Chevrolet dealer network.

Now, Richland Chevrolet boasts a team deeply rooted in familial bonds and shared values. Jeff's children, Kyle and Moriah, along with his son-in-law, Cameron Hunter, play integral roles in the dealership's operations. Kyle oversees the parts department, while Moriah manages the office. Additionally, Cameron's role as the general manager ensures that on-site operations remain smooth, delivering top-notch service to its valued customers.

According to Millwee, in a small community like Shafter, Richland Chevrolet's presence is not just about selling cars; it's about providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy. As the only dealership remaining in Shafter, Richland Chevrolet is one of the largest employers in town, with over 30 employees. Moreover, it is one of the largest contributors to the city's tax revenue, supporting essential services and infrastructure development.


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