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Mayor Givens sees a city 'where everything grows'

Shafter has been and is a city "where everything grows," Mayor Chad Givens emphasized in his State of the City address at the Chamber of Commerce Awards Saturday night.

"Over 100 years ago, people found this land, and realized that this was land where everything would grow," Givens started his address to nearly 200 in the Ford Theater. "Today, the city is still that. Shafter is the city where everything grows."

Givens was not just talking about crops, or the population, but also the financial status, the economy and the physical dimensions. He commented on the many projects that are scheduled for this year, including the completion of the renovation of the Shafter Aquatic Center and many projects involving the city's parks. Add to that a new skate park and a new community park in North Shafter.

"We have made such progress on the economic side, with the creation of the Wonderful Industrial Park, the fiber optic lines that attracted big businesses, as well as building a model educational partnership with the city and its local schools."

Givens also talked about the growth of housing in Shafter, with several developments building more houses in the core city. "In the next two to five years, we are expecting to expand our housing units by 1,600 homes."

Givens also spoke on the people of Shafter. "We are a community that cares for the city, cares for each other and our future. We are growing a city that other cities are looking at as a model for success. Our small-town atmosphere is paired with a heart and mind of a city that keeps growing."

He also talked about family. "I know for me that family is everything to me. I love that Shafter is such a great place to raise a family. We have so many young families that are planting roots here, and also more who are returning to Shafter after school to raise their children, giving back to the community and being a part of our big family."

Givens said that the future of Shafter is bright and is full of promise of more growth, but also remaining a city that keeps its small-town charm.


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