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Richland breaks ground on new building

The Richland School District broke ground recently on a new building that will house a portion of its Expanded Learning Opportunity Program, servicing local elementary school students.

The ELOP, explained Richland's Jaime Cherry, is an after-school program that gives students an opportunity to learn, as well as have fun after school. "The program allows parents to have a sense of peace while they are at work, knowing that their children are being provided extra opportunities to learn and pursue their passions after school."

The ceremony was attended by Richland board members, Mayor Pro-Tem Cathy Prout, as well as Councilmember Pete Espinoza and a number of community members.

The program, according to Cherry, has tutors for homework, but also has free-time period in which the students can learn a variety of things, such as life skills including sewing. They also can learn music, with the assistance of music teachers, as well as computers, cheerleading, sports and robotics. "We try to have a variety of activities for the scholars so they can express themselves and learn something that they are passionate about." The program services over 500 students in the district.

According to Richland Financial Director Martin Rodriguez, they are hoping to have the building up by the end of spring break. The CUUBE unit, not a modular or portable building, will be used as a multipurpose building. There will be two classrooms, as well as an activity room. It will also include a shade structure outside the building. The difference between the CUUBE building and modulars is that they use pre-approved building plans that utilize pre-sourced and pre-verified materials and components that are ready to be delivered in timed, sequential, synchronized segments. Then, the building is built on site with the materials.

KYA is designing and installing the building. According to Central Valley Operations Manager Candace Fox, KYA is excited about the opportunity to work with Richland. "We are proud to be a part of this special project, helping so many kids and teachers, enriching so many lives."

The building is made possible by an ELOP grant from the state.

"ELOP funding supports afterschool and summer school enrichment programs for transitional kindergarten through sixth grade.," Fox said. "The Richland School District's CUUBE multipurpose room marks the district's pioneering ELOP building. Customized to meet the unique needs of the extended learning program users, the CUUBE design features custom cabinetry, exterior handwash stations, integrated roll-up doors merging indoor and outdoor learning spaces, and a shade structure for additional outdoor learning opportunities. Beyond serving as a cutting-edge educational facility, it will also host community events and activities."


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