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Community Church celebrates Resurrection Sunday with familiar story

At the Community Circle Church in Shafter, Easter Sunday was celebrated with a children's story. It was a familiar tale of the Three Little Pigs. Pastor Steve Dobbs told the story, complete with decorated houses on stage, as well as three pigs and, of course, the Big Bad Wolf.

The service, attended by about 75 people, was held at the Fred Starrh Performing Arts Center in Shafter, now home to the church.

There also was an Easter egg hunt for the kids and the adults immediately following the service. The message was in line with a continuing series Pastor Dobbs has been engaged in for the past month, being a follower and not just a fan.

"Each of us has a choice to make when it comes to how we want to live our lives," Dobbs said, "We can be a fan of Jesus, applauding His feats, or we can be a follower and emulate Him."

Dobbs told the story of the three little pigs who headed out on their own, each deciding how to build their respective houses. One chose straw, one sticks and the other out of bricks. "The first two brothers thought that the straw and sticks would be good enough, and wouldn't take as much time to build, leaving more time for fun. But, the pig who decided to use bricks saw the importance of having a secure foundation, strong enough to protect his house when faced with adversity and the elements."

Dobbs went on to say that a good plan to go by is one that may take more time, work and energy, but it will be worth it when facing life's storms.

Dobbs began the Community Circle Church a couple of years ago in Shafter, having moved from Porterville. "This is where God wants us, and this is where we will be," he said at the time. They are currently looking for a more permanent home for their services, building a fellowship that is growing steadily.


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