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Pastor's Corner: Growing disciples

This time of year is one of my favorite seasons. The colder days of winter begin to pass, the dormant trees push out their blossoms and the days get longer for a variety of outside activities. I find it somewhat facinating how plants of various kinds produce new growth in their environment. This time of year also make me think about what contributes to "spiritual growth" in my life and the lives of others. Let me suggest several things the Bible would encourage us to do in order to provide a "rich environment" for growth:

• Bible study, prayer and worship both personally and with others.

• Serving others in the context of your family, local church and community.

• Sharing your resources to see the work of God's Kingdom supported.

• Sharing your faith story with those who may not have a relationship with Jesus.

As we continue to move into the "growing season" of Spring, I hope you'll also consider your own spiritual growth too. The good news is, it can grow all year long!


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