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Clean-up event shows community pride in action

The Wasco Task Force will hold its monthly community clean-up at South Gate Park on Saturday, May 4. This event will allow residents to come together to beautify Wasco and inspire civic pride.

Councilmembers Valentin Medina and Eddie Saldaña of theTask Force are leading the effort.

"Our first clean-up last month was at Cormack Park, where we focused on cleaning the park. We also went to nearby alleys and cleaned those up as well. This time around, we will meet at South Gate Park, and our focus will be the park and the surrounding alleys," Medina said.

They have chosen to clean South Gate Park this time because it has recently been renovated and reopened. "We want to ensure that the park is not the only thing that is clean, but also the alleys that are right behind the park. There is a lot of trash in those alleys, as well as a lot of trash in a nearby vacant lot.

"The focus is to make sure the park is clean so that the residents can enjoy a nice place to gather and have family time. A cleaner park also makes the neighborhood feel safer. It brings more life to the community."

For those interested in volunteering for the clean-up, the event will be held at South Gate Park, 1050 15th St., beginning at 9 a.m. For more information, call Valentin Medina at 661-567-2514.


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