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Eagles of the Quarter at Forrest Elementary

Eagle of the Quarter (grades 3-5) at James Forrest Elementary School are chosen using a point system, which includes their AR points, behavior, attendance and academic excellence. Grades transitional kindergarten to grade 2 are chosen for their behavior, attendance and academic excellence.

The students' names, teacher and grades are listed below:

Jonathan A. - Mrs. Franklin (TK)

Luis E. - Mrs. Wilson (TK)

Emmalyn C - Mrs. Yates (Preschool)

Jennifer R - Miss. Goolsby (TK)

Julian E. - Ms. Martens (K)

Camilla A. - Mrs. Guzman (K)

Jimena L. - Mrs. Rodriguez (K)

Ayden A. - Mrs. Lopez (1st)

Brock L. - Ms. Ulm (1st)

Leah V. - Mrs. Grant (1st)

Melanie M. - Mrs. Flores (2nd)

Ariana A. - Mrs. Dominguez (2nd)

Jeremiah M. - Mrs. Caballero (2nd)

Brandon Z. - Miss. Garcia (3rd)

Nathan C. - Mr. Becerra (3rd)

Ariana D. - Mrs. Irving (3rd)

Sophia C. - Mrs. Medrano (3rd)

Adilene R. - Ms. Ramirez (3rd)

Sphia M. - Mrs. Quintana (4th)

Abigail Q. - Mrs. Martin (4th)

Kaylee A. Mrs. Aguirre (4th)

Guadalupe C.- Mrs. Gomez (5th)

Violet C. - Miss. Tatum (5th)

Armando M.- Mr. Sanchez (5th)


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