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STRIPES students earn fun day under the sun

Wasco High School celebrated over 280 students at the first STRIPES Field Day earlier this month. Students who earned five or more STRIPES this school year were treated to lunch in the sun on the administration lawn, along with field games, La Rosa ice cream and music from DJ David Armendariz.

Principal Rusvel Prado said after the May 2 event, "At Wasco High School, the STRIPES Field Day was a joyous celebration under the sun, rewarding students who earned ALL their STRIPES with a lunch period filled with fun and excitement. The STRIPES committee did a wonderful job organizing a variety of engaging activities, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone involved."

Senior Ramiro Lopez had a good time at the special event. "It was pretty fun having the chance to enjoy lots of games and food with friends and seeing classmates having fun. It was a good way to end my senior year."

On behalf of the STRIPES committee, Allie Rios expressed appreciation to the MOT department for helping set up and clean, Jose Quintana and his cafeteria staff for preparing lunches, Angie Benavides for taking pictures throughout the event, Irma Prado for serving as the official ice cream girl, Chris Ruiz, Priscilla Fernandez and Rosa Ocampo for lending their field games and Hailey Coyle and the ASB team for decorating the event.

"Additionally, we would like to thank the entire WHS staff for submitting STRIPES all year and making this happen. Without you all recognizing our students, this event would not have been able to take place," Rios said.

The STRIPES program recognizes students who exhibit consistently high character in areas such as engaged learning, being prompt and present, involvement on campus and being technologically responsible. This was the second year of the program. To date, 94% of the student body has received at least one STRIPE. Additionally, 63 seniors earned their STRIPES cords to be worn at graduation, recognizing their having received all seven STRIPES this year.

STRIPES stands fo: S - Show respect: Following directions the first time, doing the right thing, respecting others/property, 2) T - Technologically responsible: Bringing charger and charged Chromebook to class, following cell phone policy, 3) R - Ready for college & career: Visiting the Career Center, focusing in class, meeting with counselor, 4) I - Involved on campus: Joining a club or sport, making rally posters, participating in dress up days, 5) P - Prompt and present: Being seated and ready to work when the bell rings, having no tardies, 6) E - Engaged learner: Coming prepared with all needed materials, asking questions, participating in class and 7) S - Service minded: Throwing away their trash, leaving classroom clean, helping others, opening doors.

Sophomore Hailey Magana Casillas said, "It was fun. I liked how they had a day for us to celebrate our success in the things we do on campus that not many people see. It was fun to be around my friends and play."

Rios added, "We are looking forward to the very bright future of the STRIPES program and cannot wait to continue to watch it grow."


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