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Wasco Track competes in first meet of the season

Wasco High Track attended its first meet on Feb. 25 at Liberty High and showed good promise for the rest of the season.

“Track is not about wins and loses, it is about individual improvement. Athletes are competing against themselves. I know if the athletes stick with it they will continue to improve weekly,” said Chad Martinez, Wasco High’s head coach for Track.

Mens Varsity at Wasco High is off to a respectable start. Hector Magallanes, Elijah Gonzalez and Tommy Ruvalcaba placed 38th, 43rd, and 44th respectively in the 100 meter dash.

In the 200 meter dash, Eli Vasquez placed 27th, Elijah Guitron placed 30th, Hector Magallanes placed 32nd, and Elijah Gonzales placed 37th. For the 400 meter dash, Elijah Guitron placed 15th, Noah Duran placed 24th and Tommy Ruvalcaba placed 32nd.

Jaccob Lawrence placed 25th in the 800 meter dash followed by Jesus Zuinga in 29th, Nick Contrears in 31th, and Colin Gebhardt in 34th. Noah Duran and Nick Contreares placed side by side in the 1600 meter dash, landing in 28th, and 29th followed closely by Colin Gebhardt in 38th.

Women’s Varsity at Wasco High is showing to be just as promising. Jocelyn Barrerra

places 29th in the 100 meter dash. Alyse Biggs and Leah Mealy tie for 34th place followed soon after by Annette Gomez in 43rd.

Moving on to the 200 meter dash, Joceyln Barrerra places 30th, Bella Lopez places 36th, Daphne Jackson places 38th and Annette Gomez places 43rd. For the 400 meter dash, Bella Lopez sits at 25th and Daphne Jackson placed 33rd.

“Looking forward to a full season of competition. Our team has doubled in size with a few first time runners. They are all excited to compete,” said Martinez.

While this meet was not interleague, it shows that Wasco High athletes are competitive and determined. SSL Championships will not take place until May 3, meaning players have time to improve and better themselves in the weeks leading up to championships.

Track’s next meet is an SSL mini meet at Robert. F Kennedy High School in Delano at 2 p.m, on March 23.

If you’d like to keep up with Track’s schedule, you can find a copy of it online at the Wasco Union High School website. Click on Spring sports under the Athletics tab and you should find the schedule for all spring sports.


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