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Fire damages shop at Richland Chevrolet

Richland Chevrolet suffered an undisclosed amount of damages on Sunday morning, when their back shop caught fire and burned a lot of its contents.

According to Richland Chevrolet's Michelle Stewart, smoke was noticed in the back shop at around 9:58 a.m. on Sunday morning. The Shafter Police Department responded within minutes, breaking the chain on the gate to enter the shop area. The Kern County Fire Department's Engines 32 and 21 and several others responded to the scene to put the blaze out.

The showroom, front shop and service and parts division were not damaged. The damage was contained to the back shop.

"There was some equipment back there, tools and several vehicles in the back shop at the time," Stewart said.

In under an hour and a half, the blaze was out. There were no reported injuries to the incident, and the investigation is ongoing. No cause for the blaze has been determined at this time.


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