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Pastor's Corner: The Kingdom

If you were to do a search for movie titles that contain the word "kingdom," you'd end up with well over 1,000 to choose from! I believe that everyone is looking for something or someone greater than themselves to believe in and to follow. As I'm beginning a study through the Gospel of Matthew, I've entitled the series "The Kingdom" for good reasons. The greatest and longest-lasting kingdom is the Kingdom of God, found through faith in Jesus Christ. Let me offer just few highlights from the Gospel of Matthew regarding the Kingdom:

• We can only enter it through repentance and faith in Jesus (Matthew 4:17, 16:16).

• It is to become our highest priority (Matthew 6:33).

• It is the greatest treasure we could ever find (Matthew 13:44).

• We are called to trust Jesus, the King, like a child (Matthew 18:3).

As you can see, the Kingdom of God is unlike any other kingdom that has ever been or will be. Let me encourage you to read through the Gospel of Matthew and see how His kingdom is described. If you're searching for a kingdom to be a part of, there is no better one to choose from or a better King to follow!


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