Serving the community since 1922

A lifetime of faith, service and community

For 45 years, Pastor Houston Crenshaw has stood at the pulpit of the Apostolic Faith Temple, delivering sermons that resonate with wisdom, compassion and faith. His words have offered solace to the grieving, hope to the despairing and guidance to the lost. But perhaps his greatest gift lies in his ability to forge genuine connections with people from all walks of life, cultivating a sense of belonging and unity within the congregation.

At 90 years old, he believes what keeps him young and committed to serving and staying with the Lord is "delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ and helping people understand God's word."

He said living a life in ministry was a calling from God. "And I was glad to accept it. If I am able to fulfill the calling, I will continue."

Pastor Crenshaw was born on June 5, 1933, in Kildare, Texas, 39 miles west of Tree Port, La. He came to Wasco in 1957 to visit family friends – and stayed. In 1963, he moved to Los Angeles, and a year later married Robbie Miller, a Wasco native. In Los Angeles, he worked for 33 years as a welder in the engineering department of the Southern California Water Company.

It was in Los Angeles that he began to nurture his gift for ministry under the pastorship of Bishop William L. Smith of Bethlehem Temple Church, where he was trained and groomed as head deacon. For three years, he commuted from Los Angeles to Wasco to pastor at AFT and moved here permanently with his family in 1981 to continue pastoring.

He believes he made the right decision. "It's a very nice, friendly community. Being here, people act like we grew up together. If we need help, they reach out like we are brother and sister. I thank the Lord for the great community here. If anyone needs anything, they're always willing to extend a helping hand."

Pastor Crenshaw's message to his congregation and the community centers on God's strength. "There is no limit to the power of God," he said. "There is no problem that God cannot solve. Put it in the hands of God, and God will take you through it when you believe."

He said the legacy he would like to leave behind is "that I was faithful to the Lord and that I was always willing to reach out to anyone in need."

His daughter Wannetta Crenshaw echoed this: "He is a true man of God. He's a wonderful father and an amazing husband to my mother. He is very giving and an excellent provider for his family. He loves the Lord and has a heart for God's people. As a pastor, he is truly a man of God's heart."

He and Robbie have been married for 60 years. She said, "He had the call of God rooted in him and had the love for the church, and when you have the love, you put all you have into it. As his wife, serving alongside him has been an honor and a fulfillment. It's been good to see him progress in the church and family."

Domonique Cheatham is his granddaughter. "My grandpa is not just a pastor when it's Sunday morning but is a pastor throughout the week. For as long as I can remember, he has always reached out to help people with problems in their homes or jobs. As a counselor to many people, he's been a teacher by his example. He's a very integral person."

A church member, Victoria Nelson, commented, "He lives a life that he teaches and preaches. He is an honorable man, a father figure to everyone, and very giving."

His son Timothy added, "He is not only a pastor but also a friend – a real father not to just his natural children but to many others."

"I think what has kept him so long as a pastor has been the grace of God that has given him great patience to endure."

Veronica Crenshaw is his eldest daughter. "My dad is an example of faithfulness. He has been a pastor with a heart for the people he shepherds. Even at 90, he can often be found on his knees praying for AFT and the entire Wasco community."


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