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Sequoia School has an illuminating week

The students at Sequoia Elementary School learned up close and personal information about solar eclipses when they had a chance to don special glasses and learn the workings of the event.

Sequoia staff, including Janae Morris, Angela Hernandez and Assistant Principal Tonia Aguilera, were on hand to answer students questions as they watched the eclipse together.

Also last week, students were busy working on STEM-related projects as they move forward in their advanced learning.

Students used Vertical Spaces to collaborate on their math studies, as the staff is working to help in many different ways. In this project, the students use vertical space Wipe Boards, allowing several students to work on the same problem, each one able to work on the board, collaborating together on a solution.

In other Sequoia Bear news, there was a party going on last week as 370 students were rewarded for their 95% or above attendance record with an ice cream party. Each student received a treat to recognize their dedication in the classroom and out of it, helping the school move in a positive direction. "We are grateful for each and every scholar who is dedicated to attending school and to learning," said Principal Jill Morrison.

There also were some Sequoia Bears honored last week by the Shafter Kiwanis Club. At their monthly luncheon, the Sequoia Elementary Student Council was honored with a special lunch.


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