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  • Focus on Local Business - Arly's Appliance

    Jamie Stewart, The Shafter Press|Updated May 4, 2019

    The Shafter Press featured Arly's Appliance back in 2009 when they were celebrating 50 years in business. Well, almost 10 years later, they are still going strong and are nearing another milestone anniversary. Arly Feil said that he moved to Shafter back in 1959. Her worked for Witham's at the time and he would service customers in Shafter on the side. He started getting such a following that he asked his boss if he could go to Bakersfield three days a week and spend two days...

  • Open House for Wasco Home

    Wasco Tribune|Updated Mar 29, 2019

    -PROMOTIONAL FEATURE- Open House for a home in Wasco -- take a look Saturday from 3-7 p.m....

  • What does 'waste' mean to you?

    American Refuse|Updated Mar 24, 2019

    When most people hear the word "waste," they think of garbage, trash, landfill, discarded, what we throw away and don't need. It is the last step in a very long process from manufacturing, transport, retail, to consumer, to home, to use, to not needed and discarded. Many people, products and resources are used in everything we buy. Just think of the worldly things that are available to us when we walk into a store. As you back out of your "waste," did you really need to...

  • Recycling shout out: This is BIG! Big change, big impact, big shout out!

    American Refuse|Updated Mar 22, 2019

    As you drive down Shafter Avenue, you might notice some new colors around the cafeteria that hosts Richland Junior High and Redwood Elementary schools Last month, a new program was started to help divert materials from going to the landfill. In the past, all items went into the trash and were left to rot in the landfill, but now a very large percentage is going to a greater good. The new colors you see on the bins represent recovery in organics and recycling efforts. There...

  • Recycle shout out: Way to go Redwood!

    American Refuse|Updated Mar 11, 2019

    Redwood Elementary is implementing recycling / re-use in a new unique way. The school has started a program called "Kindness Recycled." It is a movement promoting kindness to each other and the environment. The message behind the movement is "it takes five kind words or acts to counteract the effects of just one negative word or act." The students make bracelets from recycled products. The plastic ring was a six-pack ring that normally goes into the trash but is now made into...

  • Recycling blues

    American Refuse|Updated Mar 1, 2019

    It was this time last year that America got a huge wakeup call with our “recycling.” China implemented their “national sword” -- otherwise known as the “China Ban” where they completely shut down accepting all U.S. recycling materials for an entire month. A year later, some may ask where we are now. The tone has been set from last year. After the month-long shut down, things very slowly started to pick back up, but with stricter enforcement on contamination. For what used to be acceptable to send a recycling load with 10 per...

  • Grimmway manager earns recycling honor

    American Refuse|Updated Feb 8, 2019

    Darren Williams received the 2018 Recycling Award for excellence in recycling at City of Shafter's Annual Awards Banquet last Thursday night. Darren Williams, facilities manager for Grimmway Academy in Shafter, has done an outstanding job in bringing Grimmway Academy to a new standard in recycling. The school has reached a goal of "zero" waste. Zero waste means they are diverting 90 percent or more of their trash into recycling efforts. These recycling efforts include...

  • Changes in law affect organic waste disposal

    American Refuse|Updated Jan 20, 2019

    Shafter business owners, public entities (schools/school districts) and multifamily dwellings with 5 or more units. As a service, American Refuse would like to make you aware of a change in an existing law. The change in the law begin this month, January 2019. AB1826, the mandatory organics recycling law of April 1, 2016, requires businesses (including public entities), school/school districts and multifamily residential dwellings (5 units or more) with 4+ cubic yards of...


    American Refuse|Updated Jan 10, 2019

    This fall, Shafter High School started an organics diversion program with their lunch program. We just wanted to say -- You guys are doing awesome! The students put a media presentation together, for all the students, highlighting the new program and why it's important to divert organics out of our landfills and to a proper facility to further reduce the effects of greenhouse gases. We just wanted to thank the students and staff for your dedication to putting the right items...

  • Managing organic wastes at home

    American Refuse|Updated Jan 4, 2019

    We recently got back from a conference highlighting many facets of the waste industry. There was a [BEGIN ITAL]huge[END ITAL] emphasis this year on organics. As some of you might know, there is a big push from the state to reduce the amount of organics found in our waste streams. Organics make up a large percentage of debris in our landfills. In some counties, it’s the largest percent of waste found in a landfill. When organics/food waste are not disposed of properly, it creates methane gases that are harming our e...

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