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Pastor's Corner -Jan. 26, 2023

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to give you some Super Bowl history. Did you know the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jag... — Updated 1/31/2023


Pastor's Corner: Tis the season

Have you noticed that it’s that season again? The season I am referring to is the silly season we refer to around here as election season. Every two years we go to the polls ... — Updated 10/15/2022


Pastor's Corner - Sept. 1, 2022

How many of you know what a tattoo is? Before anybody gets defensive, I’m not preaching against tattoos. It is your body. If you want tattoos, more power to you. I don’t. But... — Updated 9/4/2022


Pastor's Corner: Time to set a new normal

My wife and I just returned from two weeks in the Frazier Park mountains for our church organization’s youth camp. The kids arrived at camp with anticipation of seeing friends... — Updated 7/31/2022


Pastor's Corner: The real answer to gun violence

I am sure by now most of you reading this have heard about the many mass shootings throughout the last few decades. It is tragic all of the lives that have been lost to senseless... — Updated 6/27/2022


Pastor's Corner: God is still on the throne

Has anybody noticed the price of gas lately? I realized that I am now paying close to double what I used to pay to fill my gas tank. Have you been to the grocery store lately? Have... — Updated 5/1/2022


Pastor's Corner: Consider why you argue

Have you ever had an argument? Most of us have. It may have been with your kids, a co-worker or your spouse. It is unfortunate that arguments have become a way of life. There are... — Updated 2/25/2022


Pastor's Corner: Getting Closer to God

SW Pastors Corner Steve Dobbs 9-2-2021 My wife and I just spent two weeks in the mountains in Frazier Park. Those that know me well know I am not an outdoors person. So why did I ta... — Updated 9/29/2021


Pastor's Corner: Spread the message that saves the world

Is it safe to say that for the past year and a half we have been on an emotional rollercoaster? A year and a half ago we had never heard the word covid before. Since then it has... — Updated 7/3/2021


Pastor's Corner: Water walker

Have you ever had a problem so big only God could fix it? You may be going through a storm right now and you see no way out. All of us have storms in our lives. You are either in a... — Updated 4/4/2021


Pastor's Corner: God has not forgotten us

If you have ever watched a documentary about wild life on the Discovery Channel you would have seen the hunting habits of the predators in the wild. When the predator sees his/her... — Updated 1/2/2021


Pastor's Corner: The best is yet to come

How many of you have somebody in your life that you can say you look up to? It may be a parent, an athlete, actor, teacher, world leader or anybody else in or around your life. Some... — Updated 9/13/2020


Pastor's Corner: Need to get deep?'

How many of you have ever heard somebody say, "I want to hear something deep in church. I need to get deep?" If you have never been to church and heard this statement that is OK.... — Updated 8/15/2020


Pastor's Corner: Don't focus on what doesn't matter

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why did God create me with stinky armpits?” Maybe it’s just me. But I have often wondered what purpose armpit odor has. Before i give you... — Updated 7/4/2020


Pastor's Corner: Despite changes, God is still in control

I have heard it said that the only constant in the world is change. I have never found that to be any truer than this year. I know I had big plans and high expectations when the... — Updated 5/30/2020


Pastor's Corner: In other news…

Have you ever been watching a news report on television and heard the anchor say, “In other news…”? The report might sound something like this, “Today the police arrested a... — Updated 5/7/2020


Pastor's Corner - Feb. 20, 2020

How many of you have bought a birthday or Christmas gift only to get it home to find out that “Batteries Not Included” was hidden in small print on the packaging. How frustratin... — Updated 2/20/2020


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