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 By Pastor Jim Glasco    Opinion 

Pastor's Corner: Three eternal mistakes

Many people reject the thought of a soul spending eternity in hell. Many churches consider the thought old-fashioned and too offensive. Many say God is too loving to banish people t... — Updated 3/14/2023

 By Jamie Stewart    Opinion

Editor's Note: Where art though?

It has been a few years since the city of Shafter has been the site of the Colours Festival, which had been an annual event for a few years before that. The event, which started... — Updated 2/19/2023


Pastor's Corner: Why are religions different?

Churches have a lot of things in common. But they are not all the same. There are differences as well as similarities, as anyone who has visited other churches while on vacation can... — Updated 2/13/2023


Pastor's Corner -Jan. 26, 2023

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to give you some Super Bowl history. Did you know the Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jag... — Updated 1/31/2023

 By Ruth Brewer    Opinion

Getting some help from the mayor

My husband and I are new to the town of Shafter. We moved here in November of 2021. I enjoy taking walks with our dog, Bella, through our neighborhood and have met several... — Updated 1/31/2023

 By Jamie Stewart    Opinion

Editor's Note: Where art thou?

It has been a few years since the city of Shafter has been the site of the Colours Festival, which had been an annual event for a few years before that. The event, which started... — Updated 1/22/2023


Pastor's Corner: 'Carry on'

If you've ever watched a TV show or movie involving the military, you've probably heard the phrase "carry on" used a few times. The phrase apparently came from the British Navy several hundred of years ago, where it was given as a... — Updated 1/21/2023


Pastor's Corner - Jan. 5, 2023

“Without counsel plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22) Success or failure largely depends on the company you keep and the counsel you heed (1 Cor 15:33). Our closest friends and... — Updated 1/8/2023


Pastor's Corner: The hourglass

Time keeps passing. Here we are, nearly into 2023. Moving into a new year can bring renewed optimism and a sense of new beginnings. People with this outlook see opportunities and a chance to start again. Or it might bring a... — Updated 1/2/2023


Pastor's Corner: Enjoying the best gift: God with us

For many, Christmas is all about the gifts, and that's not altogether a bad thing. The truth is that there is a spirit of love, generosity and sharing, the very spirit that triggere... — Updated 12/26/2022


Pastor's Corner

Second Corinthians 9:15 says, Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift. God is a giver. He is rich in mercy and grace, and he gave the world the most perfect gift in Jesus Christ... — Updated 12/20/2022


Pastor's Corner: The Promised One

It's a little hard to believe that we're already in the Advent Season again as we move into the weeks leading up to Christmas Day! I've begun an Advent series with our church, "The Promised One," as we prepare our hearts to... — Updated 12/12/2022

 By Jamie Stewart    Opinion

Editor's Note: Christmas came early

Being an SHS graduate of 1981, I have spent the last 41 years watching the Shafter Generals football teams compete on Friday nights, giving us a great time, with a lot of highs,... — Updated 12/12/2022


Pastor's Corner: Communication is key

There is a key that will open many doors, like opening the way to new friends, a better marriage, helping your children and better work relationships. This is a key that everyone has, but it works better or worse for different... — Updated 12/8/2022


Couche's Corner

This week for Couch’s Corner, I would like to spotlight a very special group of young Shafter/Buttonwillow residents and football players at Shafter High School. Every year before Buttonwillow’s harvest festival and parade,... — Updated 11/27/2022


Pastor's Corner: All mine

Christianity teaches a lot of amazing things: that God is triune, that God the Son became man, that our salvation was accomplished by a great exchange of Christ taking our place,... — Updated 11/20/2022


Pastor's Corner: True gratitude is more than words

As a young pastor in a small tribal village in Guatemala, I was always amazed at both the deep faith and the profound generosity of the Kaqchikel people I served. For what seemed to... — Updated 11/14/2022


Pastors Corner: I will still serve Jesus

On Nov. 8, the United States will have its midterm elections. The midterm elections have been the main issue on talk radio programs and nightly news channels. We have heard the... — Updated 11/11/2022

 By Stan Wilson    Opinion

My View: A land sale has unintended consequences

This past week we have seen a vast change in the landscape alongside Central Valley Highway between Lerdo and Central Avenue, with the removal of the green belt of trees and grass planted a number of years ago by the city. That... — Updated 11/11/2022


Pastor's Corner: 'Community'

Over these past several years I've enjoyed being part of a "Zoom Cohort," comprised of pastors across the country. These groups are organized by our US Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, and in the past, I've even had the... — Updated 10/31/2022


Pastor's Corner: Motivation for the momentous

Everyone in the world is on a quest for success. Many successful people in history accomplished great things; none more so than King Solomon (990-931 BC). Proverbs is where Solomon wrote divinely revealed wisdom for skillful... — Updated 10/23/2022


Pastor's Corner: Tis the season

Have you noticed that it’s that season again? The season I am referring to is the silly season we refer to around here as election season. Every two years we go to the polls ... — Updated 10/15/2022


Pastor's Corner: Changing plans

It’s always nice to be able to make and stick to plans. That isn’t always reality, though. If a flight gets canceled, we wind up making new arrangements on the go — sometimes... — Updated 10/11/2022


Pastor's Corner: A shelter for our soul

2nd Timothy 1:12 says, For I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. This world is a dangerous... — Updated 9/27/2022


Pastor's Corner: #BetterTogether

When I was in college at Biola University, I remember making a statement to my roommate that went something like this: “I can live out my faith by myself and really don't need others to do that!.” Wow, was I wrong! In my zeal... — Updated 9/18/2022


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